Can I rent or do I have to buy?

All of the flats are rented, not purchased. This has distinct advantages in that there is no escalating extra charge for services/maintenance and there is only a three month notice period to pay for when you leave the property.

Can I bring my furniture?

Yes. The apartments are rented unfurnished so you can bring your own belongings and make the flat your home.

Can I bring my pet?

If you are moving into a ground floor flat then a small, well-behaved pet is considered

Can I bring my car?

Yes, there is parking available and we do have carports for a nominal charge.

Can I get a taxi?

No problem. Taxis from Windermere and Ambleside will pick up from the house. There is also Rural Wheels taxi service for people who join the system and have medical or other appointments.

Is WiFi available?

It is available in the sitting room for residents and visitors. Each resident can choose whether or not to include broadband in their telephone line rental with a supplier. However, we are looking at the provision of WiFi throughout the house.

Can I invite friends or family to lunch?

We would be delighted to welcome your visitors. There is a nominal charge for the three-course meal with tea/coffee.

Can I have friends or family to stay?

We have a twin guest room with ensuite facilities on the ground floor which can be booked. A nominal charge is made.

Can I get help with cleaning?

Yes. You can ‘buy in’ a cleaner to assist you.

Can I have a carer?

Yes. You can ‘buy in’ a carer to assist you.

What are the criteria for independent living?

In order to be considered capable of independent living you need to be able to:

  • Look after your personal care
  • Look after the apartment
  • Take your medication and attend appointments
  • Look after your financial affairs

    You can organise assistance with any of these requirements, at your own cost, and we can help with arrangements.

How long can I stay?

Your tenancy agreement is open-ended so you can stay in your home at Calgarth for as long as you want. Sadly we are unable to accommodate overnight carers so if someone needs 24 hour help, Calgarth is probably no longer the appropriate place. If you decide to leave, for whatever reason, you only need to give three months’ notice in writing and your commitment ends.

The welfare and happiness of our residents is of paramount importance and we will do all we can to keep our residents here and living independently.