News & Events

Coffee Morning  

You would be very welcome to join us for morning coffee on Thursday 21 March  between 10:30 and 12.  I will be happy to show you around the communal areas and you can meet some of the residents.   Please let me know if you are coming by calling 015394 43016, or arrange a visit another time if this March date is not convenient for you.  We look forward to meeting you. 

Thia, House Manager.  

New Member of Staff

We welcomed our new employee, Sarah Dobson, to Calgarth on Monday 25th February.  Sarah is  working in the kitchen and, once she has settled in, will also be standing in on dining room service when Jill or Kathy are away.  


We were delighted to welcome the producer and presenter of the Radio 4 programme "Open Country" in October 2018.  Nicola and Helen came to meet someone who was a patient here in 1945, when Calgarth was the Ethel Hedley Orthopaedic Hospital for Children.  His name was Kevin Coulter and he was in the next bed to one of the Jewish refugees, Mendel Preter, who was admitted with TB.  They recorded an interview with Kevin on the terrace of the house, where the boys' beds were frequently sited as fresh air was an important part of the treatment.  "Our" segment went out as part of the Open Country programme broadcast on Thursday 1st November.  We thought the programme informative and moving and would recommend anyone interested to catch it on the BBC's listen again service.  We are proud to be a small part of a large story.